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Mouk: Discover the world!

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Mouk invites your children for a big trip around the world with a board game for the whole family! Play many games, become one of the acrobats from the Moscow circus, paint beautiful traditional masks in India, go for a butterfly hunt in Amazonia and collect all your souvenirs in your travel notebook and become a true explorer!==== MOUK: DISCOVERS THE WORLD, the official application from the TV show ====
- An application designed for children- A game with more than 100 squares on the board- Questions on the traditions and customs of each country in the world- Hundreds of hidden objects to collect in your travel book- Painting, acrobatic, music, photographing games and many more- Create your personalized avatar to travel around the world
ABOUT THE TV SERIES:Mouk and Chavapa are two globetrotters cycling around the world! From Ouagadougou to New York, from Australia to Madagascar and Greece, the two buddies discover the world and its inhabitants... And as everything's different from home, adventure is always at the end of the road!Join them as they discover a modern, realistic and colourful world. Surprising characters, breathtaking landscapes or unknown traditions: our two travellers discover foreign worlds... Beyond all differences, they share a beautiful experience and make friends from all over the world.Discover the episodes of MOUK in English on YOUTUBE: like his Facebook page:"